T-shirts To Crack You Up During These Tough Times

We understand that this is a tough time the world is going through and we hope that everybody is taking safety precautions, maintaining social distancing and have minimized going outside the home. In these tough times, we thought to bring out a little smile in all your faces by presenting our myriad collection of funny and catchy graphic T-shirt. Let’s kill that sad and bored-off mood now.

      1.  Yay! It’s Friday T-shirt

We know this work from home is literally killing you but the moment when you realize that it’s already Thursday and tomorrow are Friday, it automatically brings out relief smile in your face. Celebrate your weekend with our ‘Yay! It’s Friday’ t-shirt.

  1. Bong Connection T-shirt

If you are a Bengali then you already understand why this t-shirt is a must for all the “Khati” (authentic) Bangalis out there. Celebrate Bengali and show your love for the language with our ‘Bong Connection’ t-shirt.

  1. Weirdo: More Than a Weird

We believe there is a weirdo in each and every one of us who is capable of doing extraordinary stuff. Also, being weird is good and being normal is absolutely overrated. Celebrate weirdness with ‘Weirdo: More than a Weird’ t-shirt.

  1. Cheda Toh Chodega Nahi T-shirt

Sometimes you are just protective towards your loved ones and when you see that someone is teasing them this is exactly the words which come out of your mouth ‘Chedatohchodeganahi’. Celebrate your protective spirit with this t-shirt.

  1. I have No Clue (GLOW) T-shirt

Sometimes you face such situations which leave you absolutely clueless and which makes you wonder “Why me?! Well, we just want you to keep your cool during those times and take the situation lightly which will eventually sort out all the problems.

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