Airofresh FFP1 A-44 and Chemtex Alstasan Hand Rub (100ml)

RS 199.00

Airofresh Ffp1 A-44:

Airofresh A-44  FFP1 S Respirator• Filtering efficiency > 80% against solid particles Complies ISI test requirements.Filter Media• High technology filter media with micro fine fibers & electrostatic charge gives maxi- mum filtering efficiencyStylish & User Friendly• Comfort Fold Flat Style filtering face piece produced substantially of filter media to fit on the face covering the nose and mouth comfortably so that fine particles does not enter from the edges.• Low profile design, fits wide range of face contours• Light weight provides greater work comfort, suits longer duration of wear• Compatible with / other face / head PPE(s).

Chemtex Alstasan Hand Rub

An ultimate kit to fight the spread of COVID-19 for you, your loved ones and your community! The kit contains the formulations which are approved/ recommended by WHO (World Health Organization), CDC (Centre of Disease Control), EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) USA to contain the spread of virus A
Alcohol based Hand Sanitizer

Application: Hands, elbows, exposed skin.

How To Use: Squeeze necessary amount onto your palms and rub all over your hands, nails and grooves. Air dry.

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