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  • Wednesday 16 March 2016

What is Weirdever?

The term has been coined by us to define one’s personality. The term comes when you do not know how to define yourself when somebody asks about yourself. WeirdEver means - When an inmate elusive euphoria seeps down your bones and activates your soul making you weird forever. 

How the brand Weirdever justifies the meaning?

What we do is we make casual wear with a personal twist. That personal twist is where we come. WeirdEver is more community than a company, started by people who believe one should not think any less of themselves just because they have a radical opinion. We encourage people to wear clothes which will define them without speaking anything else. Wear your vibe, your aura, your opinion and even your dreams. 

What Weirdever offers?

We are a newborn company now and initiated our journey with limited clothing items which includes Tees and Boxers. We have an array of quirky rare designed boxers which goes with any occasion or vacation you go to. The Tees are unique, with repetition designs and slogans. The glow in the dark t-shirts are in great demand from the beginning. We have bigger dreams to achieve and a wider range to cover. 

Weirdever Anthem!?

Our daily trend spotlight that lets you in on what’s hip and happening, and what you should be carting right now. As they say, a trend each day keeps the blues away! So, we just collaborated with EPR the vocalist of the band Underground Authority for our brand anthem. We won’t lie, but we are actually fond of it. Check it out from our youtube channel.

Why let the world allow to police your wardrobe and your expression get the upper hand, anyway?

Our Style Tribe

A high-fashion editorial where we feature the internet’s coolest cats, dogs, panda printed boxers. It’s where you get to read the stories of the influencers and shop their stunning shoot looks.

#WeirdEver recommends

From the hailstorm of trends coming down on us every season, we only recommend the ones guaranteed to put you on the hit list. Watch out for these regular highlights in our social media platforms.


This is where we celebrate and showcase our most stylish customers, who’ve given us a shout-out on social while dressed in a trendy weirdever style. You could very well be on the list too. For that keep your eyes on our social media platforms. 

So, next time someone says ‘Oh, that Tee doesn’t go with your jeans’ or ‘Are you sure you are the right size for this?’ ‘Maybe you should pick a colour that suits you’ or ‘Act your age and wear something else’, go ahead and do exactly what you please from WeirdEver... When it comes to great styles expression, there should never be any regrets. That’s what we want.

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