The History of Printed Designer T-shirts

  • Wednesday 08 April 2020

The printed designer T-Shirt is widely regarded as the icon of pop culture. It marked the foundation of the decorated apparel industry. Printed t-shirts are a big part of our modern life and we almost wear it in our daily lives. Have you ever wondered about the history of this very common and famous casual fashion clothing? Let’s talk about it.

The art of screen printing (a form of stencilling) was developed during the Song Dynasty (960–1279 AD), which initiated the introduction of the decorated apparel industry. The process made use of silkscreens. After that, this technique expanded to Asian countries like Japan, and developed newer methods.

Woodblock printing was invented in China around 220 AD and was introduced in Europe around the 1100s. In this method, a design was carved into a block of wood which was dipped into ink and then pressed onto the fabric. 

During the World War II, the soldiers during their off-duty used to wear nothing but a t-shirt and their uniform trouser, the t-shirt gained immense popularity by that.

The most important era for printed T-shirt began in the early 1950s when several companies in Miami, Florida, started printing the resort names, characters and sight attractions. During 1959, a new kind of stretchy ink made it possible to print a wider variety of designs.

As the printed t-shirts gained its popularity in the 1960s, American artist Michael Vasilantone began to build and sell a multicolour garment screen printing machine which quickly became the most popular machine for printing garments.

In The 1970s, there was no looking back for printed t-shirts, major companies started using T-shirts for their advertising, like Coca-Cola started printing their logo on t-shirts and Disney started printing their characters on t-shirts and many other companies started printing on t-shirts.

In around The 2000s, humorously printed t-shirts were also in the making, which marked an immensely popular time for t-shirts. In the present generation, several designer t-shirts are printed, t-shirts of Marvel and Disney are now very much popular amongst the growing youth culture. Printed t-shirts have a very long and rich history indeed, and is now one of the most common clothing presents in every wardrobe.

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